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Welcome to my humble digital abode! I am a Montana based photographer that is dedicated to capturing your most precious and amazing moments. There are a lot of things to love about Montana - the wide open spaces, the down to Earth people, and some of the best photo backdrops ever (just to name a few). I have lived in Montana for my whole life, and I've traveled to some wonderful places, but I love that I will always be able to call Montana home. 

I've been able to tell a lot of beautiful love stories for some incredible wedding couples and make some fabulous portrait art in my 10 years of doing photography. The Love Notes and The Gallery are just a small testament to the work that I've been so lucky to do. I've made some awesome friends along the way, and I'm always looking to meet new people. I hope you enjoy looking around!
                                                                            Cheers!  - Mary

Well, hi there! I'm Mary.

A theatre kid who jumped into photography ...
and never looked back.

Here are a few things you should know about me: I love pumpkin spice lattes (probably a little more than I should). I have been a theatre nerd since I was a young child - being in front of an audience and making people feel something has always brought me a sense of purpose. I love Halloween - well, the whole fall season in general - and Nightmare Before Christmas is the best Halloween movie. Ever. I love cooking, and hosting parties: any excuse to get people together to have a good time. I believe the best thing someone can wear is a genuine smile. It's beautiful, and so are you. 

capturing life's amazing moments

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I believe in the

There are some beautiful things that happen when you're not looking.


I have always thought that capturing a moment was the best skill a person could have. No posing, no intricate lighting - just a moment, organically happening right in front of you, and you happened to be looking at it at just the right time. There's a power that lies in those "in betweens". 

The groom catching a glimpse of his future bride; a loud, belly-shaking laugh shared between two people; a deep breath in through your nose to come back to yourself: all are priceless, amazing, and beautiful.

Your job is to live in them. My job is to make sure you never forget them. 

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Mary is the MOST amazing photographer. She has done several different types of photo sessions for me and is always a professional. She captures moments and they are the most incredible moments.

Hire her now and you can thank me later.

"She captures


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~ Kelly F.

I have worked with Queen Elizabeth Photography multiple times (mainly solo shoots and occasional group photo sessions). I love Mary’s creative nature and her gregarious personality, so with my wedding coming up it was an easy choice for me to select her as our photographer. Her portraits are so personalized to each couple that I knew she could give me the elegant and romantic photos I wanted to remember the day with.

All of that said, it was our engagement shoot that really cemented what a perfect choice I had made. I love getting photos taken, but my fiancé does not. He was not thrilled about having an engagement shoot, and even asked if I could just do it alone. But I made him get dressed up and come along. And Mary made magic happen. She made him laugh, she gave him a hundred things to look at (me, the horizon, etc) so he didn’t feel like he was just staring into the camera feeling awkward. After our half hour shoot he even asked if we could add another one on to the package because he had more fun then he expected to, and wanted to do it again with our dogs as part of it. He also loves the photos. We have one he picked out printed and hung by the front door.

One of my stresses for planning the wedding was how long I could get him to take photos before his smile would start to look pained and he would be asking for a drink. Now, thanks solely to Mary, I’m not worried about that at all. My engagement shoot was as perfect as every other shoot I have done with her, and she gave me the best photos I have ever had of us in our 4 year relationship. Thank god for Mary!

"My engagement shoot was


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~ Sabrina H.

~ Anna K.

Mary is the effusive, effervescent, effective, enjoyable photographer you need to have on your team. She made literally everyone feel stunning at our engagement shoot and wedding day, was making people smile who normally have a dour face, and made our wedding day seem effortless. She went with my bananas idea to have a carousel photoshoot before the wedding, and made sure my husband and I had a few moments to ourselves during the reception. I can't recommend her highly enough, I will forever hear people complimenting her skills and personality.

"she made literally everyone feel


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~ Hexx S.

Mary’s sense of artistry is rivaled only by her dedication to perfection. Having worked with Mary on several projects, what sticks with me most was her desire to truly know her subjects. She spent time with us, got to know us, and then took pictures that reflected our values, desires, and interests. Instead of being photographed in a clinical, cold way, Mary worked tirelessly to capture the memories and moments as we want to remember them. We didn’t spend hours being posed this way or that way – on the occasions she did pose a shot, it was quick, efficient, and didn’t detract from the activities we were engaged in. She’s punctual, fun to be around, and can work easily with diverse groups of people. I cannot recommend her highly enough.

"Her Dedication to


Invest in the moment

You can never put a price on an image, each moment only happens once. 

You deserve to have everything that you want. And I'm dedicated to giving you the best experience possible. Think of photos as an investment in the preservation of your most vivid memories. 

Whether it's being with you on your wedding day, watching you dance with your friends and family, capturing beautiful portraits of your high school senior before they go off to college, or reveling in the joy of a new life into the world, I want to be there for all of it. I want to be there for you. 

Are you ready to take the plunge? Ready to have an experience to rave about for years? 

let's do this!

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